Personal Effectiveness Course


Online self-directed short-course on personal effectiveness


Step up and stand out – at work and in life. Take charge of improving your own productivity and personal effectiveness. Boost your assertiveness, confidence, influence, communication, problem-solving, resilience, productivity, and more. What you need, where and when you need it. At your own place and at your own self-directed pace. Log in, learn up, and leap ahead.

“…very valuable, helping and guiding others to find their own solutions”.
– Bettina Urbanski, HR Manager, Kohler


With this online course on Personal Effectiveness, you’ll boost your:

  1. Continuous improvement mindset
  2. Critical-thinking and problem-solving
  3. Communication
  4. Assertiveness
  5. Influence
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Conflict management
  8. Productivity
  9. Resilience, and
  10. Self-coaching

Five Free eBooks

Sign up for this course (All prices in $US) and receive FIVE eBooks by course creator Terry Williams.

Because you want to get ahead, you’re in the right place, wherever you’re at right now. So, Life Success Learning provides you the skills and tools to get better at getting better, which is a critical component of ongoing personal effectiveness. Timeless ideas and models, plus new ways and innovations, to take control of your life. All the ingredients you need for success. So, complete the online course, add motivation, and stir.

“…very impressed myself on how much content you were able to cover in a short amount of time. I have no hesitation in recommending…”
– Cilla Waetford, LabTests

Step Up And Stand Out

In your life and career, there’s a lot of competition out there. There’s a lot of noise and distractions. How can you step up and stand out? There are a lot of people working on their ‘personal brand’ and I have nothing against that idea. But, if that’s all you’re doing, it will lack substance and you will get found out quickly. Yes, imposter syndrome is a real thing where people lack confidence and feel that they’ll be exposed as a superficial ‘fake’ but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t real imposters out there. They look good and get the gig. The way to sustainably step up and stand out, to compete with those who just look good is … your results.

Decide To Act Now

By making proactive and deliberate efforts to grow your personal effectiveness, you will produce evidence of better results. This, in turn, motivates you to keep doing it, to get better at getting better. As a result, this builds up that evidence and it becomes a pattern, a track record. Then, you can show that track record to people. Or, they will find it themselves. Either way, It will get talked about and traced back to you. That’s how you step up and stand out – authentically.

It’s got to start somewhere and this self-directed online course on personal effectiveness is an economical springboard to get going.

And, for the price of the course, in addition you get the added value of FIVE eBooks by course creator Terry Williams, including ‘Getting Better Buy-In‘ on how to motivate the people you lead.

Differentiate Yourself

You may have the technical skills you need, perhaps more than others with whom you’re competing. But, are you getting the raise or promotion? Are you getting listened to by those who make the decisions? Are you on a path to becoming the one who makes the decisions? That path is yours to make and it starts wherever you’re at right now.

What will move you and accelerate you along that path are not solely your technical skills. Others around you have those too. You make happen when you differentiate yourself by striding noticeably forward in your personal effectiveness. You can achieve this with the combination of people skills and practical skills covered in this online course on personal effectiveness. Get more done. Get better results. Enhance your reputation. Power up your magnetism as a colleague of choice. Create momentum that will continue to motivate you further as you progress and hit the occasional rough patch. Bring others along for the ride.

Your Career Trajectory?

Organisms, products, companies, and even careers tend to follow a certain pattern if left alone – a life cycle. This curve (illustrated in the whiteboard sketch above) starts out with a flourish, then can drop a tad as obstacles and conflicts are encountered for the first time, and beginner’s enthusiasm wears off. Then, there is steady growth (hopefully) as experience happens, lessons are learned, and stretch-goals met. But, there is a peak and eventual drop-off. The red asterisk in the sketch above represents an opportunity to re-invent and reinvigorate, essentially slingshotting your career upward and forward. It’s a decision YOU need to make before it’s too late.

Re-invent Yourself

This personal or career re-invention is something you can instigate and manage yourself. The first step can be signing up for this online course on personal effectiveness (which includes a topic on this career trajectory model known as ‘The Sigmoid Curve’. It’s also in one of the five free eBooks you’ll be able to download upon signing up for this course).


“Terry Williams is amazing, I have completed numerous personal training courses in NZ and AUS and I can say hand on heart that Terry is the most interesting and knowledgeable instructor I have had the pleasure of learning from. I would recommend his services to any of my professional colleagues.” – Brad Almond, Kia Motors

“What Terry does is very valuable, helping and guiding others to find their own solutions”. – Bettina Urbanski, HR Manager, Kohler

“A fantastic day with a really engaged bunch of people that you managed brilliantly.” – Garrick Loft, Senior Sales Manager, NZ International Convention Centre

“I came away feeling incredibly empowered and challenged to improve, really think about what I write and how I write!  It was not just the writing context that challenged my perspective and way of thinking, but the confidence to believe in myself again after having worked within an environment whereby I questioned was I in the right role. So, thank you for making a difference”. – Angela Skelton, Auckland District Health Board

“The workshop and presenter were both very good and highly recommended.  The presenter was excellent – Terry was very engaging and had an entertaining style which kept my interest (even though I had attended a similar workshop before), and explained the content extremely well.  He seemed very knowledgeable and experienced in these forms of presentation and was able to tailor/relate the workshop to suit the audience.  He certainly added value well over and above the accompanying printed materials”. – Kylie Mooney, Meredith Connell

“I recently attended a training session facilitated by Terry Williams. The subject of the training was Negotiation Skills. Terry’s performance as the facilitator was top class. His knowledge of the subject & his vibrant enthusiasm for the topic was infectious. This lead to an attentive group of attendees who participated openly. I would thoroughly recommend Terry Williams as both a skilled Facilitator & a Negotiation Skills subject matter expert to any entity that has a negotiation or selling function as part of their organisation”. Grant McEwen, University of Auckland

“I was very impressed on how much content you were able to cover in a short amount of time. Your delivery of the content was even more impressive. I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your team”. – Cilla Waetford, LabTests

“He was totally enthusiastic for the entire afternoon, sharing his knowledge but skilfully getting the attendees, who were all from vastly different work environments and industries to work together either individually or in small groups in such a way that we could all benefit from this seminar. Highly recommended”!
– Jane Macauley, Owner MacTeam Ltd

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